About the 3rd Seminar

(Please download the full Call for Papers in PDF)

The Historical Cartography Committee of the History Commission of the Pan American Institute of Geography and History (specialized organization of the Organization of American States, called IPGH after the Spanish & Portuguese initials), made up of Dr. Jorge Ortiz Sotelo, Dr. Filiberto Cruz Sánchez and Mg. Luis Valenzuela Olivares, has been developing the project "Historical Atlas of America". This project seeks to develop, based on international seminars, a modern image of the interaction that American societies and spaces have had over time.

In 2017, the first of these seminars, focused on the pre-Columbian period, was held in Santiago de Chile, under the organization of Mg. Valenzuela. The second seminar, focused on the colonial period, took place virtually in 2020, with Dr. Cruz in charge of its organization. This year the third of the seminars will be held, aimed at dealing with the themes of the 19th and 20th centuries, under the direction of Dr. Ortiz and the general coordination of Prof. Héctor Maldonado Félix. This event will take place on November 10th to 12th, in particularly special circumstances for Peru, because of the bicentennial commemoration of the country’s independence.

The Seminar encompasses six general topics: a) Population and Society, b) Cultural Processes, c) Space and Territory, d) Political Processes, e) Economic Dynamics, and f) Health and Population. Each general topic unites diverse subtopics widh will be addressed in 90-minute discussion sessions.